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“O Selfless Christ” by Tom Schmidt

A beautiful poem to meditate on today. Think on the selflessness of Christ and how that should impact the way you live today.

O Selfless Christ

You spoke the world into being:
Every star and moon,
Every animal and plant.

Ruling in glory with the Father and the Spirit,
One God in three persons,
Infinite power, inexpressible strength.

You emptied yourself and became a man,
Unimaginable humility:
God incarnate serving the created.

You were obedient to the point of death,
Crushed for our sins,
Crucified on the cross.

You took our death and gave us life,
The Great Exchange:
Our sins for your righteousness.

O Selfless Christ, your ways makes us marvel,
You acted out of love,
Empowered by the Spirit.

Help us Lord to take up our cross and follow,
The path is glorious,
The path is pure.

O Selfless Christ, we are yours forever.
Help us serve like you today.


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