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Praying Through the Valley of Vision

While working through the blogs I follow, I stumbled across something I had seen before but not payed any attention to at the time. It was a 13 week plan for praying through a book called the Valley of Vision. At the time I had never heard of the book and couldn’t have been less interested. Not long after however I heard someone pray a beautiful, theologically rich, linguistically potent prayer during a corporate worship service. I could tell it had been scripted but I wasn’t sure if it was of the speakers hand or someone else. The older english language made me think the latter was the case and I was right. I researched a few lines I remembered and discovered that it was a prayer called “The Savior” from that book I had overlooked not long before, The Valley of Vision.

I looked it up and before long I had ordered my very own leather bound copy. The book is a collection of puritan prayers. Now the puritans may not have gotten everything right in their spiritual culture but they sure knew how to pray. These prayers are so beautiful, so rich, so surprisingly applicable. We use these prayers during our corporate worship services at Ardent every so often. They are a great way for us to pray with intentionality as to the content of our prayers.

On to the point of this blog before it gets too long…

I was browsing Joe Thorn’s blog yesterday when I ran across this plan for praying through The Valley of Vision again. I wanted to offer it to you in hopes that by following it, you would maybe discover these prayers for the first time, and most certainly deepen you prayer life. It is a simple program, but it’s simplicity masks it’s potency. Below is a link to the plan on Joe Thorn’s blog and a link to where you can order a copy of The Valley of Vision for yourself. (there is a paperback version but I highly recommend the leather bound edition)





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