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A Tozer Devotion For Today

Peter contained or has been accidentally associated with more contradictions than almost any other Bible character. He appeared to be a combination of courage and cowardice, reverence and disrespect, selfless devotion and dangerous self-love. Only Peter could solemnly swear that he would never desert Christ and then turn around and deny Him the first time he got in a tight place. Only Peter could fall at Jesus’ feet and acknowledge his own sinfulness and then rebuke his Lord for suggesting something with which he did not agree. The two natures that strove within him made him say and do things that appeared to be in direct contradiction to each other–and all within a matter of hours. Peter was a “rock,” yet he wavered, and so, I suppose, managed to become the only wavering rock in history. And he surely was the only man in the world who had faith enough to walk on water but not enough faith to continue to do so when the wind blew.

For better or for worse, that was Peter, and it took God a long time to unify his nature so that the strife within him ceased. And he had to learn some things the hard way even after Pentecost.

Today’s Devotional was originally found in the writings from A.W. Tozer from the following book:

We Travel an Appointed Way

Chapter 36 – Our Brother, Peter


But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, ‘Lord, save me!’ Matthew 14:30


It is true that after walking on the water, Peter the Rock sank. Rocks do sink on water. Yet of all the disciples only Peter is reported to have walked on water. If only he had kept his eyes on Jesus!


Lord, remind me to keep my eyes fixed on You this day.


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